Positive business relationships begin with having a clear understanding of operational regulatory compliance and potential liabilities your business may be subjected to. In addition to providing the comprehensive guidance you need to minimize the risks and exposure, we will represent your business and provide solutions to any issues which may arise.

Labor & Employment

• Legal and Regulatory Compliance
• Hiring Practices, Terms of Employment, Employee Handbook
• Wage and Hour Actions (Federal and State)
• Disciplinary and Conflict Resolution Practices
• Employment Severance Agreements
• Americans with Disabilities Act and Compliance
• Family and Medical Leave Act Compliance
• Sexual Harassment Investigations
• Federal, State, and Local Discrimination Compliance
• OSHA Regulations
• Drug and Alcohol Testing Policies

Investigations and Defense

• Federal and State Labor Department Proceedings
• Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Investigations
• Collective and Class Action Defense
• Federal, State, and City Audits
• New York State Division Human Rights Investigations
• New York City Commission Human Rights Commission Investigations
• Federal, State, and Local Discrimination Defense
• Sexual Harassment Defense
• Retaliatory Claims Defense
• Family and Medical Leave Act Defense
• Americans with Disabilities Act Defense
• Wrongful Termination Actions

Commercial Litigation

• Contract Disputes
• Business Divorce
• Shareholder and Membership Disputes
• Shareholder Litigation and Derivative Actions
• Director and Officer Claims
• Bankruptcy and Restructuring
• Dissolution Actions
• Franchise Agreement Disputes
• Construction Contract Disputes
• Mechanics’ Liens
• Construction Contract Disputes
• ADR/Mediation/Arbitration
• Minority Shareholder Oppression

Commercial Landlord/Tenant Disputes

• Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes
• Lease Negotiations and Renegotiations
• Lease Modifications
• Lease Renewal Terms
• Lease Assignments and Sublets
• Premises Liability

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